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PRP (Vampire)Facial

Repair + rejuvenate your skin, naturally.

Platelet Rich Plasma forYour Skin

Short for platelet-rich-plasma and sometimes known as a “Vampire Facial,” PRP is a fast, injectable treatment that can hide age spots, minimize acne scars, and make your skin look silky smooth.

You can say goodbye to all of those signs of aging and damaged skin. Instead, say hello to a more youthful, carefree look!

The best part is that your PRP injections are completely natural. There are no synthetic compounds pumped into your skin. Every bit of PRP comes from your own body, making this an incredibly organic rejuvenation process.

The many benefits of PRP Facials or PRP injections for skin treatments usually include:

  • A radiant, youthful glow to your skin
  • Your skin will also look smoother and younger
  • PRP requires no recovery time, so you can continue with the most of your daily activities once your injections are complete
  • Age spots and acne scars can virtually disappear

As PRP injections improve circulation and deliver essential nutrients, skin discoloration can improve and you’ll enjoy a more even complexion.

Safe + Internationally Renown

PRP skin rejuvenation is known internationally as a safe, low-risk treatment that is autologous (meaning that the treatment involves a substance taken from a patient and reinjected into the same patient).

Faster Treatment

Our PRP treatment involves a device that's unique to make the treatment easier and faster to perform. It allows us to produce the highest quality PRP in the shortest amount of time currently on the market.

Performed with Microneedling

For a higher absorption rate and improved results, our PRP treatment includes microneedling. This helps your skin absorb the proteins better. You'll notice the difference!

Effective Skin Rejuvenation

Platelet rich plasma is beneficial for facial rejuvenation because it contains numerous growth factors. These are vital for tissue regeneration and repair.

What Can PRP InjectionsTreat?

Injections of platelet-rich-plasma can be used to treat the following:

  • Areas of visible damage to the skin, such as age spots or sun spots.
  • Mild lines and wrinkles (especially but not exclusively around the mouth).
  • Dark circles under your eyes.
  • Crows feet (wrinkles at the outer corners of around your eyes).
  • Visible acne scars.

How Does Platelet Rich PlasmaWork?

The secret to platelet rich plasma is hiding in plain sight: it’s you!

Here’s how it works. First, we will perform a blood draw. This draw tends to go very quickly. You only need enough to perform your procedure.

Next, your blood draw is put through a centrifuge. This high-tech device separates the plasma out of your blood. Our device that does this is unique. It is a patented 25ml hourglass-shaped tube with 2 strategic openings, which allows unlimited flexibility to produce the highest quality PRP in the shortest amount of time currently on the market (3 minutes).

This might be the most important step. Within that plasma are special cells called platelets, which are essential for skin repair and tissue regrowth. And that’s where PRP injections get their potency.

The plasma is then placed within a syringe and used to treat your skin. The entire process only takes a few minutes to complete, so your appointment will usually last less than an hour.

PRP can be done on its own or in conjunction with a more comprehensive skincare plan that includes BOTOX® and fillers because the skin will be in an optimal position to take the product and heal.

Your PRP Treatment

You’ll spend the majority of your PRP injection appointment sitting comfortably in a chair. The platelet-rich-plasma will do all the work. Normally, platelet-rich-plasma is something your body creates to aid the healing process, helping blood to clot and emitting special enzymes that restore tissue.

In the hands of a professional, PRP molecules can be concentrated and strategically used. All those powerful enzymes are repurposed for anti-aging tasks, such as repairing superficial damage, combating uneven skin tones, and diminishing sun spots. In the process, your PRP injections will minimize wrinkles and bring a warm, youthful glow back to your face.

Your newly rejuvenated look will usually last anywhere between 1 and 2 years, depending on how well you take care of your skin in the interim. Regular PRP treatments can keep your skin looking and feeling younger.

For best results it is recommended to do 1-2 treatments about 2 months apart. Make sure to use proper skincare to enhance and maintain your good results.

Frequently Asked Questions AboutPRP Skin Rejuvenation

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