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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal targets the hair around the bikini line. This area is particularly hard to wax or shave and you might even be discouraged to do so because of the razor and wax bumps after. Utilizing a laser to remove the hair here will get rid of the need for regular painful hair removal.

Is laser hair removal Brazilian worth it?

Are you tired of constantly having to shave your bikini area? Are you tired of all the razor burns and waxing bumps that often can’t be avoided? Then Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is the right treatment for you. If you are wondering if it is worth it, the answer is yes! There is no downtime and you can be on the go right after your session. You will also find that you can get the smooth skin you want without the pesky itchiness and pain from the traditional methods.

How long does laser hair removal last for Brazilian?

This will depend on the person’s skin type, hair type, and genes. You will first need to have a consultation with our medical professional. Then, you will need to get the treatments consecutively and spaced four to six weeks apart. Generally, people will need eight to ten sessions before they can get a more permanent result.

Is Brazilian laser hair removal actually permanent?

Laser Hair Removal can get rid of all the pesky hair but it does take patience and a commitment to your sessions. After the initial sessions that are spaced about four to six weeks apart, you can enjoy at least a few months of no hair growth. This is a step up compared to traditional methods which have to be done every few weeks and doesn’t affect the hair growth.

Is laser hair removal safe for Brazilian area?

Yes! Laser Hair Removal treatments are generally safe. There is no downtime unlike any of the traditional treatments. It also has minimal side effects that can be reduced by following the pretreatment and aftercare tips that our medical professional will provide for you. Studies have also found that most of the potential adverse effects are temporary.

Is laser hair removal good for bikini area?

Yes! Laser Hair Removal is a popular treatment for clients who want to get rid of the unwanted hair on their bikini area. This treatment is quite effective on any part of the body like the legs, arms, and chest. However, the bikini area is a very delicate part of your body. Thus, make sure to seek professional help from a qualified specialist before treatment. Our clinic is equipped with the best-in-class laser technology and expert treatment providers that will help you achieve your goals!

How long does laser last on bikini?

After a few sessions of Laser Hair Removal, you may start to see the results that you want. It is important to consult with our medical professional to know exactly how many sessions you will need because it can differ based on your skin type, hair type, and desired treatment area. Generally, it takes about eight to ten sessions before most of the hairs stop growing. Following these steps will help you get the best long lasting results. Once you are done with your package, your results will be permanent. Any hair regrowth may only be due to hormonal changes like menopause, PCOS, and pregnancy. 

Is it better to get bikini or Brazilian laser?

It depends entirely on the preference of the client. For a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatment, the specialist will target the hair all around the bikini area. Even the hair that is usually covered by your underwear will be removed. If you prefer your crotch to be hairless, you can get the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatment which will target the entire front and back area. On the other hand, if you only want the hair exposed by the bikini to be removed, you can get the Bikini Laser Hair Removal treatment. This will target significantly less hair compared to the Brazilian. What you pick will be entirely up to you!

Is bikini laser painful?

Bikini Laser Hair Removal can be a bit more painful than the other areas like the arms which have thicker skin. However, compared to waxing which literally rips out your hair, it is much gentler. To ensure that you will experience as minimal pain as possible, you must also make sure to shave your bikini area of all hair, completely and properly. 

How it works:

An experienced specialist for the laser hair removal treatment will be assigned to you. They will use the laser to target the melanin or dark pigment in the hair. This allows for accuracy as the laser will only heat up your hair follicles and not damage your skin. Controlled damage to your hair follicles will ensure that hair growth will be inhibited. This procedure will only take a few minutes and has no downtime.