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The Most Comprehensive Hair Restoration Program in Canada

Which Solution is Right For You?

Both men and women can be affected by hair loss. A huge number of people are seriously concerned about their ongoing hair loss, and their mental health is suffering as a result. For this reason, it has become increasingly common to undergo treatment to restore hair. 

The best options currently available for safe and optimal hair restoration are:

  • FUE –  Follicular Unit Extraction (Hair transplant)
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


About Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP ‘Platelet Rich Plasma” for hair regrowth is a revolutionary treatment that’s providing relief to people who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, thinning hair, or early-stage baldness. Hair loss can create intense feelings of depression and anxiety. PRP injections are designed to regrow your hair, offering a non-invasive and all-natural solution for hair regrowth and restoration.

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hair transplant treatment


About Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In an FUE hair transplant, hairs are taken from donor areas where the hair is thick, and transplanted to the recipient areas where the hair is thin. The hair follicles are removed in small, naturally occurring groups (or Follicular Units) using a tool called a micropunch, then inserted into tiny slits made by the surgeon.

Dr. Cory S. Goldberg | hair transplant specialist

Meet The Expert

Dr. Cory S. Goldberg BSc, MD, MASc, FRCS(C), FACS, MBA

Dr. Cory S. Goldberg is the former Head of Plastic Surgery at Trillium Health Partners who is both certified as a Plastic Surgeon by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, with advanced training in Craniofacial Surgery at the University of Southern California and Cedar’s Sinai Hospital. 

He has also served as medical advisor for companies in a multitude of industries including health care service, biotechnology and nutraceuticals. He has been featured on CTV’s Canada AM, CBC News, Rogers Media, and City TV’s Breakfast Television

Step 1

You will arrive to the clinic with the area shaved and ready, and you will be given goggles to prepare for treatment.

Step 2

Once undressed, you’ll lay down and gel will be applied to the treatment area.

Step 3

The procedure itself doesn’t take very long, depending on how big the area of treatment is. Generally it is about 15-30 minutes.

Step 4

Once the procedure is finished, you will be good to return to your daily activities with no downtime!

You are an applicable candidate if you meet the below requirements:


  1. Adequate Donor Hair: Successful hair transplantation relies on having a sufficient supply of healthy hair follicles for transplantation. Candidates should have an adequate amount of donor hair, typically found at the back or sides of the scalp, that can be used to restore thinning or balding areas.
  2. Stable Hair Loss: It is important for candidates to have a stable hair loss pattern. This means that your hair loss has stabilized, and you are not experiencing rapid or unpredictable hair thinning or balding. Stability allows our experts to plan your procedure accurately and predict the desired results.
  3. Good General Health: Your overall health plays a crucial role in the success of a hair transplant procedure. Candidates should be in good general health, and any pre-existing medical conditions should be disclosed during the consultation process. This information helps us ensure your safety and determine the most suitable treatment approach for you.
  4. Age: You are over the age of 23 years old
  5. Type of hair: Either Straight or Curly

SmartGraft is a hair restoration technology that utilizes a combination of advanced features to facilitate the extraction, sorting, and transplantation of individual hair folliclesOne of the advanced techniques used is called

SmartGraft combines advanced tools and techniques to streamline the hair restoration process, improve the efficiency of graft extraction and transplantation, and enhance the overall patient experience. The technology aims to deliver natural-looking results while minimizing discomfort and downtime for individuals seeking hair restoration treatments.

During the initial consultation, the hair restoration specialist will assess your individual needs and goals and provide a personalized treatment plan, including the recommended treatment frequency. They will take into account factors such as your hair loss pattern and desired outcome to determine the optimal treatment approach for you.


Your specialist will assess your results post procedure to monitor progress and ensure the best possible results.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about SmartGraft and PRP that we receive from our clients.

Please contact us if you have more questions. We are always here for you! 

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Is Smartgraft Permanent?

The transplanted hair follicles are typically resistant to the effects of balding and should continue to grow in their new location. However, it’s important to note that individual results may vary, and additional sessions or maintenance treatments may be required to achieve desired results.

Who is Smartgraft for?

SmartGraft is an option for individuals who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. It can be suitable for both men and women with different hair types and stages of hair loss. A consultation with a hair restoration specialist is necessary to determine if SmartGraft is the right solution for an individual’s specific needs.

Does Smartgraft hurt?

SmartGraft is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring that the procedure is generally comfortable. Patients may experience some mild discomfort or a sensation of pressure during the extraction and transplantation process. However, most individuals find the procedure tolerable, and any discomfort is typically well-managed with the anesthesia and post-operative pain management techniques.

How much does each Smartgraft cost?

The cost of SmartGraft treatments can vary depending on various factors such as the extent of hair loss, the number of grafts required, and the geographic location of the clinic. It is best to consult with a hair restoration specialist who can evaluate your specific case and provide a personalized cost estimate for your treatment.

Are there any side effects with Smartgraft?

As with any medical procedure, there are potential side effects associated with SmartGraft. Some possible side effects include temporary swelling, bruising, itching, or minor discomfort in the donor and recipient areas. However, these side effects are typically mild and subside within a few days to weeks after the procedure. It is important to follow the post-operative care instructions provided by your hair restoration specialist to minimize any potential risks or complications.

Is Smartgraft safe?

SmartGraft is considered a safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced hair restoration specialist. The use of local anesthesia helps minimize any discomfort during the procedure, and the advanced technology used in SmartGraft ensures precision and efficiency.

Is there any after care for Smartgraftl?
After the SmartGraft procedure, it is important to follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by your hair restoration specialist. This may include gentle cleansing of the transplanted area, avoiding strenuous activities for a certain period, and taking prescribed medications, if necessary. Your specialist will provide detailed guidance on how to care for the transplanted hair follicles and optimize the healing process.

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