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Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a popular procedure that a lot of men avail. Men find that it is a better, hassle-free, and painless alternative to methods like waxing and shaving. Men often get this treatment for their chest, back, face, and legs. 

Is laser hair removal good for men?

Of course! Men are always welcome in our clinic. It is a common misconception that only women want to get rid of pesky body hair. A lot of men get the Laser Hair Removal treatment for body parts that are quite hairy and can be a pain to shave or wax. At Laserbody MD, we will help you get your desired body hair goals by utilizing the best laser technology and with the best people on the job.

Can men have laser hair removal on genitals?

The answer is yes! Laser Hair Removal is a treatment that is less painful than traditional methods and are therefore much better for sensitive areas such as the male genital area. This area can become quite irritated after hair removal treatments such as waxing and shaving. These can result with razor bumps and ingrown hair. To avoid that, male clients have opted for Laser Hair Removal which will give you smoother, permanently hairless skin without the cons of the other procedures.

How long does laser hair removal last for men?

This will differ depending on the person’s hair type, skin type, hormones and the area that they got the treatment on. Our clients will get an initial consultation with a medical professional before any treatment is done. They will determine how many times you should get the session which will help ensure the permanency of your result. Typically, it will take about eight to ten consecutive sessions before you can get the best result out of the treatment. Laser Hair Removal for men is a great solution to permanently remove unwanted hair. However, hormone imbalances can affect your results and may cause regrowth.


How many laser treatments are needed for chest?

This will depend on several factors, your hair type, skin type, and genetics. To find out how many you will need, you will have to consult with a trained professional who will determine it based on their experience and knowledge. However, it usually will take three sessions to see a significant difference in hair growth. Clients usually need six to eight sessions before any hair regrowth becomes permanent. 

Can chest hair be permanently removed?

Yes, however you have to follow some steps to get it done. Clients should not expect that their chest hair will not grow back after the first session. They will have to consult with our clinic’s medical professionals to know how many sessions they need to complete. Once you have finished the recommended number, you will see a great difference with your hair growth. After eight to ten sessions, your body hair will be as good as gone.

Does laser hair removal work on shoulders?

Laser Hair Removal works on any and all of the body parts. Many male clients get their unwanted hair on their shoulders removed. Laserbody MD will help you achieve your body hair goals.

How can I remove hair from my shoulder permanently?

You can remove your unwanted shoulder hair permanently by getting Laser Hair Removal treatments. After the first three sessions, you can see a significant difference in the hair growth. You will be recommended a number of sessions by our medical professional. Once you have finished the package, your hair will be gone permanently.

How it works:

Relax and lay back as you will be safe in the hands of a trained specialist. They will handle the laser-emitting device which will target the melanin or dark pigment in your hair. This will cause heat that will damage the hair follicles. This technique will allow for the inhibition or complete elimination of unwanted hair growth. The treatment time will depend on how large the area that is being treated. It can take as fast as a few minutes to up to an hour.