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Arms and Underarms Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a common cosmetic procedure of getting rid of body hair through laser treatments. One of the most common treatment areas are the arms and underarms. Some people find that it is a worthy investment as the lack of need for shaving and waxing outweighs the initial cost of the procedure in the long run.

Does laser hair removal work on arms?

Yes! Laser Hair Removal can get rid of pesky hair on your arms and any part of your body. Some examples of body parts that you can get this treatment for are your face, back, and legs. Depending on the persistence of your hair and hormonal activity, it’s generally recommended to have multiple sessions.

Is laser hair removal good for underarms?

One of the most common areas to get Laser Hair Removal is the underarms. It is one of the areas people have a lot of discomfort from shaving, and need to maintain the results more often. Laser Hair Removal doesn’t do any damage to the skin unlike traditional methods which can sometimes cause cuts, bruising and friction burns.

How many sessions of laser hairs are needed for arms?

The light from the laser follows the hair into the follicle; this procedure will cause permanent damage to the hair follicle to stop it from growing back. The numbe of sessions required will differ from person to person depending on the thickness and colour of the hair. Typically, a person will need eight to ten consecutive sessions to fully eliminate hair growth.

How many sessions does it take for underarm laser hair removal?

The number of sessions needed to permanently get rid of underarm hair will depend on several factors which are different per person. It depends on your hair type, skin type, and treatment area. You are welcome to visit us for a complimentary consultation with our Medical Professionals to develop a specialized treatment protocol to achieve your desired results. Any additional hair growth after the recommended number of sessions will require some maintenance treatments. 

Does arm hair grow back after laser?

 It will not! After your first few sessions, you will start to see a difference in your hair growth. Once the hair follicle is destroyed, the hair will not be able to grow back. Our hair grows in cycles and we have several which is why we do 8-10 sessions 4-6 weeks apart, so that we can get all cycles. You will need to consult with our experienced professionals to check how many sessions you will need to permanently get rid of your hair. Once you’ve completed the recommended number of sessions, you will most likely find that those troublesome hairs will never see the light of day again.

Is underarm laser permanent?

Just like the laser treatment for other parts of the body, underarm laser treatment will be permanent once all of the hair follicles are completely damaged. The first step is to consult with our Medical Professional and completing the specialized protocol to achieve these results. This will be done by first consulting with our medical professional and getting the number of sessions needed to get the permanency that you need. Then you will have to get the sessions consecutively and spaced evenly by 6 weeks apart.

Do you have to shave your arms before laser hair removal?

Yes! You must make sure to have a fresh shave before your treatment, this could be the morning of your laser hair removal session. This will make sure that the hair will not absorb the energy from the laser and will instead be directed into the hair follicle.

Is laser treatment for underarms harmful?

The answer is no! This is a safe treatment and a 2002 study has shown that even though there are some potential side effects, most of the problems are not permanent. These side effects can be avoided or minimized by following some simple procedures. Shave your hair and protect your skin from sunlight before and after the treatment.

How it works:

The clinic will assign a specialist that is experienced with using the laser for the treatment. The light emitted by the laser will target the melanin or dark pigment in the hair. The heat caused by the light will damage the hair follicles. This will end or lessen hair growth. For a small area like the underarms, the procedure may only take a few minutes. For the underarms, it might take a little longer.