One of the most flexible types of beauty treatment on the market is the well-known BOTOX® injection. BOTOX cosmetic treatments block nerve signals from the injected area to the brain, causing the muscles to relax for as long as the BOTOX remains in your system. This has the effect of softening and relaxing wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth. Although it is considered a safe and reliable procedure, you should never perform a BOTOX injection on yourself or allow anyone other than a professional to perform an injection anywhere on your body. Here are some reasons to seek professional assistance with BOTOX treatments:

Ineffective Treatments

As with many treatments which involve injections, BOTOX cosmetic injections need to be targeted to a specific location. Since your skin is not transparent, you cannot see exactly where that injection is going to go unless you have a professional’s knowledge of facial anatomy. There is a strong chance that you will inject the BOTOX into the wrong place, or in the wrong amount, and you will not get any results at all. Your purchase of the injection will have been a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, an ineffective treatments might even be a best case scenario, because there are also…

Unintended Effects

Sometimes, a nonprofessional BOTOX cosmetic injection will have results, just not the ones you wanted. Remember that you are paralysing parts of your face. This isn’t something that you want to do casually, or allow someone to do who doesn’t fully understand the process. You could end up with a frown that won’t go away, or an expressionless face that doesn’t allow you to show your emotions as you are used to doing. Sometimes, incorrectly applied BOTOX treatments can cause odd facial expressions, drooping eyelids and neck pain. Unintended effects can be harmless, but this isn’t always the case.

Harmful or Life-Threatening Side Effects

Remember that BOTOX is, in fact, a toxin. It is related to the toxin that causes the food poisoning known as botulism. There is a long list of people who should not be exposed to it at all, as it does not always remain at the injection site and can move to the rest of the body. Professionals know who not to expose to cosmetic BOTOX injections. Some people have allergic reactions to the injections. A professional will know what to do if this happens. Unprofessional BOTOX injections can make you very, very ill. They can even threaten your life. It’s not a risk worth taking.

Proper Usage

When administered properly, by a professional, BOTOX cosmetic injections are very safe and very reliable. Correctly used, BOTOX can produce positive effects that improve patients’ quality of life. However, it should never be used by someone who has not received proper training in how to apply it. Resist the temptation to save money by injecting yourself or allowing a friend to do it for you. No cosmetic treatment is worth your health or your life.