Did you know that the Fraxel Laser is the only FDA approved laser treatment that is effective on fine lines, pigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, and acne scars? We can’t argue with the results dermatologists and technicians have achieved for their patients. If you are considering a treatment, you may be wondering what you can expect from the procedure. Here are some things you should know before booking your Fraxel laser treatment in Brampton.

How Much Will the Treatment Hurt?

Although we would not describe the Fraxel laser treatment as painless, most patients say the mild discomfort of the resurfacing procedure as well worth it. Many people describe the sensation they feel during treatment as “prickly” or “tingly.” Most Fraxel laser clinics in Brampton will give patients a prescription topical anesthetic cream that can be applied in a fairly thick layer shortly before coming to us for the treatment. This will significantly reduce any pain you are likely to experience from the laser.

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

You can realistically anticipate to spend 45 minutes in our office for a typical treatment. Please ensure you account for some waiting time when you book your treatment. Sometimes even the most efficient Fraxel laser clinic in Brampton will need a little extra time with a client! Once the treatment begins, the technician will take about 30 minutes to scan your entire face.

How Will My Skin React After the Treatment?

After the Fraxel laser treatment in Brampton, you can realistically expect for your skin to have the semblance of a sunburn. The severe redness will generally reduce in about 1-3 hours. In the days following the procedure, your skin may continue to look a little pink, and you may experience some slight swelling or even skin peeling within the first week following the procedure. The severity of these side effects is truly dependent on how high the setting is on the Fraxel laser. If clients want to see results faster, their skin will react more than those clients who are open to more visits and can have their treatment done at a lower intensity. We encourage patients to be diligent about applying moisturizer during this time.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Fraxel laser technicians in Brampton have noticed that this procedure is very effective at the treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions. You should keep in mind that while the Fraxel laser is effective at reducing fine lines around the eyes, it may not be the best choice for those stubborn frown or smile lines around the mouth. Your dermatologists should also analyze any acne scars you have to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment. If you have acne scars that are tiny “ice pick” marks these are quite deep and may not respond as quickly. Your Fraxel laser technician in Brampton should remind you to keep in mind that the full results of your treatment may not become apparent for 2-3 months until your skin fully heals and rejuvenated skin is revealed.