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Physician Dispensed Skin Care with SkinTX

SkinTX is a pharmaceutical skin care solution which improves the body’s natural defenses against aging, enhancing your skin’s cellular function + circulation while correcting unsightly skin conditions.

What skin conditions can SkinTX effectively treat?

SkinTX is a gentle yet effective treatment for a number of age-related skin problems such as acne scarring, stretchmarks, hyperpigmentation, age spots, loss of elasticity, photodamage, and other unsightly dermal conditions. SkinTX also rejuvenates your skin by improving its moisture retention, balancing your overall skin tone, and regulating the natural oil production of oily skin.

  • Full Face

  • Neck

Why SkinTX products?

SkinTX provides histological improvement of damage to your skin and rejuvenates it by utilizing a potent formula of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol, Hydroquinone, and concentrated Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid USP). Separately, these ingredients are already understood to provide dramatic results in the fight against aging, and together they provide a potent offensive against a variety of age-related skin conditions. This unique combination of ingredients is recognized by both clients and practitioners to generate remarkable results; with SkinTX the proof is written all over your face.
Each SkinTX treatment is built around your own unique needs. Our skincare specialists are experienced with helping our clients achieve their desired results by tailoring individual skin treatment plans to help bring younger cells to the surface of your skin in the fastest way possible, while smoothing skin and increasing its tolerance against external environmental factors.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids have been used for centuries to improve the brightness and lustre of your skin.


Retinol is well-known for its ability to reduce fine lines.


Hydroquinone enhances skin vitality.


Vitamin C is scientifically proven to control and prevent oxidative damage.


Together, these ingredients will promote the creation of collagen and elastin for firmer, healthier looking skin.

See the results that SkinTX can bring

SkinTX is a state-of-the-art skin renewal system which is both recognized and endorsed by leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists alike, from all around the globe. This is due to its effectiveness, potent pharmaceutical quality, and its stringent safety standards. Below are some before and after images that showcase how SkinTX can revitalize and renew your skin.

  • Discolouration Before

    Discolouration Before

    Discolouration After

    Discolouration After

    After 1 treatment (Source: VivierPharm)

  • Discolouration Before

    Discolouration Before

    Discolouration Before

    Discolouration Before

    After 16 weeks (Source: VivierPharm)

*These before and afters are representative of patient experiences. However, exact results + experiences are unique to each individual patient.


Below are some frequently asked questions about our SkinTX products. We encourage you to book a complimentary consultation to ask more questions as they directly relate to your personal skin care needs.

  • 1Is the SkinTX skincare system safe for sensitive skin?

    Yes, the SkinTX skincare system in all of its parts is completely safe for sensitive skin. It has been dermatologically tested to ensure that each product used within the SkinTX product family is of an ideal pH level for all skin types, and it is hypoallergenic.

    Further to this, the SkinTX system is of a higher level of quality than other skincare treatments; it is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and endorsed by leading physicians.

  • 2Can SkinTX dry out my skin?

    The SkinTX skin treatment system has been tested rigorously for comedogenicity, stability, and skin-calming pH levels to ensure it is safe for use by everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin. Products within the SkinTX skincare system are dermatologist approved and contain Aloe Vera and other ingredients which nurture your skin as opposed to causing unwanted damage. SkinTX does not strip your skin of important nutrients to ensure that it will always look and feel its very best.

  • 3Will SkinTX help with my oily skin?

    SkinTx has a variety of products within the SkinTX product family which are specifically formulated for the treatment of oily skin. Serum C12, the two-piece Acne Treatment System, Toner, Foaming Gel, Gentle Cleanser, Acne Treatment Lotion, Retinol SR Facial Treatment, Dark Circle Eye Treatment, Medicated Acne Wash, Physical Facial Block SPF 30, and Exfoliant Forte are all designed with oily skin in mind.


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*Disclaimer: Any before and after images, testimonials and results claims on this site are only examples for informational purpose and never to be used as warranty of guarantee of outcome. Each individual will have varied results based on their needs, medical record and circumstances.