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Legs Laser Hair Removal

Shaving leg hair is quite a hassle and can be quite itchy once the hair starts to grow. Waxing it, on the other hand, is painful and may still result with folliculitis. The Laser Hair Removal treatment for legs allows for constantly smooth legs without the hassle and pain that other methods have.

Is laser hair removal effective on legs?

Laser Hair Removal is a popular treatment for people who want to get rid of their unwanted body hair. It works on any and all the body parts, especially the legs. After a few sessions you will start to see an improvement in your hair growth, or rather the lack thereof. This is the best option for people with thick and pesky leg hair. 

How long does laser hair removal last on legs?

Laser Hair Removal will last depending on several factors. Any hormonal imbalances can create new hair growth cycles, things like menopause, PCOS, pregnancy etc. Typically once you complete the package sessions that are spaced six weeks apart, your results will be permanent.

How many laser hair treatments are needed for legs?

The number of Laser Hair Removal treatments for legs are typically 8-10 session but will differ for every person. To know how many you will need, you must first consult with our medical professional. Then, once the recommended number of sessions are fulfilled, your results will be permanent. However, any hormonal changes like pregnancy, PCOS, and menopause can cause regrowth and you will have to get some touch up sessions to ensure that your hair will not grow back. This is a much better investment than shaving or waxing which can be painful or irritating and have to be done every couple of weeks.

How it works:

We will assign a specialist with experience to service you. They will use the laser-emitting device to precisely target the melanin or dark pigment in your leg hair. The light will heat up the hair follicles and cause damage. This damage allows for the semi to full permanence of hair growth elimination. The treatment for leg hair might take a longer time compared to smaller areas. However, it is painless and has no downtime compared to other hair removal techniques.