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Fire + Ice

LaserBody M.D. is the first clinic in Canada to offer the most cutting edge fat freezing and skin tightening treatment on the market. Introducing Fire + Ice! Now you can permanently get rid of unwanted fat on the thighs, tummy, back, arms or chin AND tone and tighten the skin while targeting those remaining damaged, unwanted fat cells.

What areas are treated with Fire + Ice?

Fire (Venus Legacy™) + Ice (Coolsculpting) treats most of the body to give you the contouring you’ve wished for. If your trouble areas include one more of the following, then Fire + Ice just may be perfect for you:

  • Chin/Jawline – sagging jowls
  • Neck – hanging skin/double chin
  • Arms – bat wings
  • Ab/Flanks – muffin top/love handles
  • Back – bra roll
  • Thighs – thunder thighs
  • Chin + Jawline

  • Neck

  • Arms

  • Abdomen + Flanks

  • Back

  • Thighs

How will using both Venus Legacy™ + Coolsculpting make a difference for me?

Using both Venus Legacy™ + Coolsculpting together will enhance your over body contouring results. LaserBody M.D. is the first clinic in Canada to offer this next-level dual technology.

Coolsculpting removes 20% of fat cells permanently with the majority of the remaining cells left damaged. Using Venus Legacy between your Coolsculpting treatments, we can now remove those damaged fat cells before they have a chance to repair themselves.

This means more fat cells gone in the same amount of time.


Week 1, you receive your Coolsculpting treatment which will target and kill fat cells.


Week 3, 4 + 5, you receive your Venus Legacy™ treatments which will target any leftover fat cells and rid of them. All the while, tightening and renewing your skin for a smoother and younger result.


Week 6, you receive another Coolsculpting treatment. This schedule of Fire + Ice repeats until you've reached your desired results.


We offer low monthly payments and in-house financing so you can afford Coolsculpting to get the body you deserve.

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