Your skin is constantly shedding, getting rid of dead skin cells and replacing them with new, healthy ones. In fact, people in their 20s experience skin turnovers every 14-15 days! Exfoliating keeps your skin rejuvenated, fresh, and healthy. However, over time, this process begins to slow down, taking up to 40 days to complete a turnover cycle. This means that your skin may slowly begin to lose its glow. By using these two natural exfoliants, you can keep your skin looking young and fresh!

While exfoliating is good in order to remove dead skin cells, exfoliating too much, or with products that are too strong, can harm your skin. If you exfoliate too much or too aggressively during the same turnover cycle, you could be removing too many skin cells. This makes your skin vulnerable to sunlight and other factors. That’s why yogurt is a good choice for exfoliating. It contains the same acid that can be found in skin products, only not as strong. This means you can exfoliate without worrying too much about putting your skin at risk. Apply the yogurt to your face and rinse it off after letting it sit for 20 minutes.

Honey is also a great natural exfoliant.

Not only does it remove the dead skin cells, but It also speeds up the body’s natural exfoliating process. In addition, it attracts moisture, which makes it perfect for facial use. Simply apply the honey to your hands, scrub your face, and wash gently with warm water.

Exfoliating is very important for having a healthy, young-looking appearance. With the use of honey and yogurt as natural exfoliants, you can shed the old skin and let your fresh appearance shine!