ThermiVa Treatments

What is Urinary Incontinence and How does it Affect Women?

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine when you laugh, sneeze, exercise or exert yourself. This problem commonly affects women after childbirth, as the vaginal cavity is stretched and can remain a little loose. While most people are embarrassed about this predicament, the reality is, it’s very common. Over 3 million people in Canada suffer from incontinence – and that is a conservative estimate. Some women resort to wearing expensive pads or, for more severe cases, surgery – but there is a new, non-surgical way women are finding incontinence relief. That way is ThermiVa.

How does ThermiVa help?

ThermiVa treatments are administered by a gentle wand that uses therapeutic radiofrequency to tighten vaginal tissue. If this sounds too good to be true, think of all non-invasive procedures women have on their face and love handles to tighten up those areas. The stimulation of tissue to firm it up and promote the new collagen growth is not new, even though it’s now being applied in this very special way.

ThermiVa: Created and Used by Those in the Know

ThermiVa was created by board certified gynecologist and urogynecologic surgeon Dr. Red Alinsod, in collaboration with the Thermi Women’s Health Advisory Clinical Board. A quick look at Dr. Alinsod’s credentials and the work of the Thermi Board show that this treatment is not a gimmick or a fad. It is the next wave of evolutionary products women are using to feel their best, sexy, confident self while reducing or eliminating the problem of female incontinence. More proof? ThermiVa users give the procedure a whopping 97% positive rating on Real Self.

A recent American study of 293 female participants showed that they were willing to pay for even a 25 per cent improvement to their incontinence problem, especially as those with severe incontinence were paying up to $900 a year in care and products. Some felt a decrease in the quality of life and many were embarrassed to talk about the issue. Non-surgical, gentle, effective, affordable proven ThermiVa is changing this, one woman at a time. If female incontinence is a problem for you, check into ThermiVa today so you can exercise, laugh and sneeze without thinking, “Oops!”