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Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) and Nuceiva prabotulinumtoxinA are naturally occurring substances that relax the facial muscles, thereby smoothing out creases, fine lines + wrinkles. Both occur naturally and are approved by both Health Canada and the FDA for their use in the minimization and prevention of unwanted wrinkles and facial lines.


  • Your first injection session will be about 30 minutes, depending on your goal and needs
  • Results can take 2 to a maximum of 14 days to take full effect
  • It is important to book an assessment 2 weeks POST injection to ensure desired effect



  • Avoid aspirin, fish oils, alcohol or any other anti-inflammatory/blood thinning medications 2 weeks PRIOR to your injection treatment to avoid bruising
  • Ensure treatment area is free of cold sores, blemishes or rash
  • Medications, such as the following, thin your blood, increasing the risk of bruising + swelling:

Ø  Aspirin

Ø  St. John’s Wort

Ø  Ginkgo Biloba

Ø  Advil/Aleve

Ø  Ibuprofen/ Motrin

Ø  Other NSAID’s

Ø  Vitamin E




  • After your injection treatment, you will be able to continue your day as before. Downtime is minimal
  • Please avoid: Vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for at least 12 hours AFTER
  • Please avoid: Bending all the way down or sleeping/lying down for 4 hours post-treatment
  • Please avoid: Putting any creams (Retin-A, Vitamin C, Kinerase or Glycolic Acid) on the treated area for 24 hours
  • Massaging or applying pressure to the treated area
  • Applying heat to the treated area
  • Some patients have experienced: dry mouth, discomfort or pain at the injection site, headache, swelling and/or dry eyes.  These are all normal and Benadryl is recommended
  • Should you experience extreme/excruciating pain that is intolerable, please contact our office immediately, do not wait

Contact us at (416) 661-7878 or if your symptoms appear to worsen or last longer than 24 hours.