VascuLight laser treatments can minimize the redness of the skin and get rid of varicose and spider veins, leaving the body and face feeling rejuvenated. This blog discusses how the treatments work, and what they require.

Redness. It’s not always pleasant, especially when it’s under your skin. A fetching rosy blush is about the limit of the redness most of us want in our skin, and redness caused by scarring, broken blood vessels, and veins can just leave us feeling older and more tired than we actually are. VascuLight laser treatments can get rid of the redness, leaving only that youthful rosy blush caused by all the admiring glances and comments that will be coming your way. Looking your best with VascuLight laser treatments is easy.

Skin Rejuvenation

A VascuLight laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that will give you skin that appears much younger than it is by using intense pulsed light to treat it. Like it sounds, the light is delivered in pulses to the skin and is transformed into heat energy; this will absorb the damaged tissues back into the skin. After treatment, the skin is smooth and youthful. It can take care of any kind of skin damage or redness, such as rosacea or other problems. This treatment can rejuvenate the face, restoring its youthful appearance.


The VascuLight laser treatment system can use its same pulsated light to permanently close damaged and ruptured veins that cause varicose or spider veins. Whether large or small, close to the surface or deeper, thanks to this treatment, the vein is completely closed, so eventually it will disintegrate and disappear. It won’t come back, but other veins may develop in time.

VascuLight laser treatments for spider veins use the same pulsating light that is used on the face. The heat is absorbed by the hemoglobin and the veins gradually break up and are reduced; they eventually dry up and disappear forever. Sometimes this happens immediately, and other times it may take a few days or months.

For the larger veins, the reticular veins, the laser component is used during the VascuLight laser treatment. The veins absorb the energy level and wavelength of light as a small spot of laser finds its absorption points based on the color of the blood in the vein. The heat clots the blood and destroys the vein, leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.


There is very little discomfort from the VascuLight laser treatments. What little discomfort is experienced is very brief and is similar to being snapped by a hot rubber band. This feeling can be lessened by using a cold pack applied before treatment. There are generally no lasting effects.

The great thing about VascuLight laser treatments is the time they take, and that means practically no time at all. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. No knives, no hospital, no anesthetic. There is no time off work, and no time spent hiding your face until it is ‘ready.’ Recovery time is within 24 hours, usually, although side effects can vary. In this, as with any treatments, it is best to consult doctors and research the process.

Imagine how much better you will feel when you are able to free yourself of the redness that left you looking tired. Look into VascuLight laser treatment today and see how it can leave you looking your best.