There is one thing in life that almost all women have in common: cellulite. While some may have it very mild, and some may have it more severe, women around the world can agree that it is both bothersome and unattractive. Cellulite, for those who may not know, is fat deposits that get trapped and squeezed between fibrous bands that connect our skin’s tissues together. This dreaded condition is most common on the buttocks and thighs, but it can make an appearance on the arms and stomach too. Many believe that cellulite is connected to weight issues, but this is not the case. Even some of the slimmest women suffer from cellulite and can’t seem to get rid of it. Even with the promise of remedy from things like skin creams, treatments dealing with heating and freezing, and various serums, women still live with cellulite. However, there is one particular treatment that has proven results—laser cellulite reduction.

What happens during the procedure?

Laser cellulite reduction is a procedure that uses laser technology to destroy cellulite by getting rid of the tissues that cause it. The patient is put under local anesthesia, and small incisions are made in the affected area. This procedure is not very invasive and leaves minimal scarring. This treatment sounds like a miracle to those suffering from cellulite. However, before you proceed, there are three things you should be aware of that will happen after you have your reduction procedure.
1. After your procedure, you will experience bruising around the incisions and a very small amount of fluid may leak from these suture sights. This is completely normal, and will go away and stop leaking as time goes on and the incisions heal.
2. Day-to-day activities can be resumed after the first couple days, and more vigorous activities such as exercising can be resumed after a couple of weeks when more ample time has been provided for healing.
3. The incisions and the reduction of cellulite will continue to improve over a span of a year. The final results of the procedure should occur at the twelve month mark. Don’t panic if you aren’t seeing the results you want right away, or even in six months. It will continue to get better.
During the laser cellulite reduction procedure, a laser is used to smooth out the fat levels and release the tightened fibers that cause the bubbling of the fat. The laser also promotes the production of collagen in the skin which provides elasticity and will make the skin look smoother and more firm. After the laser has done its job, the melted fat is then pushed out of the incision spots, leaving you with a smoother, healthier look.

There are many places that you can go to have this laser cellulite reduction procedure done. The most popular places are specialized clinics or plastic surgeons. Whichever place you plan on choosing, you want to make sure that you are dealing with professionals who are going to conduct your procedure correctly.