You may have heard about the number one facial filler in Canada: Juvederm cosmetic fillers. Many people utilize this product, but many are also unaware of what exactly it does. To break it down, Juvederm is a gel filler that gets injected into your face and refreshes your natural appearance. The product uses a natural sugar already produced in your body as the filler. As a result, your issues such as sunken cheeks, wrinkles, and flat lips can be restored to how they once were, or to an even better state.

For those interested in using Juvederm cosmetic fillers, it is important to know exactly which problem areas you can rejuvenate through the injections.

Smile/frown lines
Your smile lines are the lines that run from the side of your nose and end at the corners of your lips. Your frown lines are lines that form between your eyebrows as a result of muscle movements such as frowning, hence the name. As we get older, these lines become deeper and more noticeable, making us look older than we actually are, in most cases. With the help of Juvederm cosmetic fillers, you can smooth out, fill in and rejuvenate wrinkled and lined skin.

Lips are an important part of an appearance, especially for women. We often dream about full, supple lips, and media tells us that this look is definitely in. Juvederm cosmetic fillers can work to rejuvenate your lips so that they look younger and healthier than before. They can also enhance lips to make them fuller.

Over time, the chin can begin to sag and lose its structure, causing an aging effect. This is probably one of the greatest problem areas that occurs with age, as it effects both the upper and lower chin area, causing loose skin to form. Juvederm cosmetic fillers are specially formulated to firm up the skin in the chin area and create more definition.

Another important part of the face that can lose its firmness and fullness is the cheek area. Whether it’s aging or weight loss, our cheeks often take the brunt of it. Juvederm cosmetic fillers can add fullness back to the cheeks so that your face looks fresh and young again.


The forehead is one of the most likely places that you can get wrinkles. Because the forehead is a large, smooth area of skin, wrinkles are usually larger and more noticeable when they do appear. An injectable from the Juvederm cosmetic fillers line will be able to smooth these wrinkles leaving you with the youthful skin you desire.

Everyone’s skin is different. Some people may not get wrinkles, while others do. Many people may have only one of these problem areas, while others may have several. Whatever your skin type, and whatever one of these issues you may have, Juvederm cosmetic fillers will be able to help you in your quest for rejuvenated and revamped skin. Visit your local wellness clinic today and ask about the Juvederm line.