Laserbody MD offers Vitamin IV therapy, an immediate boost of nutrients and vitamins delivered directly into the bloodstream. This is the best way to absorb vitamins, correct imbalances or deficiencies and provide an alternative method for those who may not have a balanced diet. If you’re looking for a boost to your immune system, minimize fatigue and feel more revitalized than look no more!


  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out all the necessary paperwork
  • The treatment can last anywhere from 30-90 mins depending on the IV drip you are receiving
  • Discomfort or minor pain at the injection site  
  • Discoloration in urine appearance can occur up to 3 days post infusion
  • Tenderness and bruising can occur post treatment in the injection site
  • Expect to feel energized, hydrated, improved sleep and mental clarity


  • It is very important to drink plenty of water to make your veins more visible
  • Eat a good meal or snack like a granola bar at least 30 mins before your IV drip to avoid nausea
  • Wear something comfortable and loose fitting around your arms that leaves your inner elbow exposed
  • If you are prone to getting lightheaded, bring juice (orange or apple) with you to your appointment so your blood sugar levels are stable
  • Avoid drinking anything caffeinated – caffeine dehydrates you making it more difficult to start your IV Therapy


  • Avoid taking any anticoagulant medications for a week to avoid bruising if possible (i.e Aspirin)
  • You may experience minimal bleeding from the insertion site
  • Wait at least 1hr before wetting the injection site and 24hrs for strenuous activity
  • Be mindful of the injection site for 24-48hrs to prevent contact 
  • Keep an eye on the injection site for bruising and swelling. Should this occur, apply an ice pack and elevate arm  
  • Drink at least 1L of water post infusion to avoid the following symptoms: headaches, nausea, cramping (GI and/or muscular)
  • Shower or bathe as you normally would

Post infusion symptoms are uncommon but can occur after your IV drip:

  • Significant swelling over the IV site
  • Redness over the vein that is increasing over the IV site
  • Pain in the vein/arm that is not improving over an 8-12hr period
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache that does not resolve with increased water or over-the-counter pain medication like Acetaminophen


If the following side effects are experienced, please contact your primary care physician immediately and notify the clinic.

Contact us at (866) 514-1369 or clientcare@laserbodymd.ca if your symptoms appear to worsen or last longer than 24 hours.