HydraFacial™ is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines exfoliating, extraction and hydration simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with little-to-no downtime. The treatment is soothing, hydrating, non-invasive and generally non-irritating. As with most procedures, visible results from HydraFacial will vary from person to person


  • A quick 20-30 min medical grade facial leaving you feeling clean and with a glow
  • Your skin may experience temporary irritation, tightness, these are all normal reactions that typically resolve within 72 hours depending on skin sensitivity
  • You may experience tingling during the treatment, these sensations generally subside within three hours of treatment
  • You will likely see results immediately after treatment and your skin will feel smooth and hydrated for one to four weeks. For improved, longer-lasting results, consider take-home products and monthly HydraFacial


  • Avoid the use of Retin-A type/Active ingredient products for 5 days before treatment
  • Try to come to your appointment free of makeup and residue on the treatment area


  • Avoid direct sun exposure and use a minimum of SPF 40 sunscreen as the treated area is more susceptible to sunburn and sun damage 
  • Aggressive exfoliation, waxing and products containing acids should be avoided in the treatment area for a minimum of two weeks pre- and post-treatment.
  • Avoid the use of Retin-A type products post-treatment

us at (416) 661-7878 or clientcare@laserbodymd.ca if your symptoms appear to worsen or last longer than 24 hours.