Broadband Light Therapy, offers a safe, FDA-approved option for anti-aging, sun damage, skin rejuvenation, rosacea/vascular and acne. It works by utilizing high-intensity light pulses to target these specific skin conditions. Targeting the redness, bacteria or melanin (brown spots), BBL can deliver light energy, causing them to disintegrate or absorb. During recovery, the skin beneath starts to heal naturally, replacing blemish and damaged pigment cells with new, healthy ones.


  • The procedure itself has been reported to feel like light snapping of a rubber band.
  • The BBL treatment can last anywhere between 15 – 45  minutes
  • Number of treatments vary depending on the desired result/condition
  • Some redness after rosacea/acne treatments and darkening, coffee like texture to pigment after treatment is normal and can be covered with light makeup if needed


  • Avoid the use of active ingredients such as: topical vitamin C, vitamin A, Retinol, AHA, glycolics, etc. 1 week PRIOR your treatment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure/active tanning a minimum of 2 weeks before your procedure.
  • Avoid excessive heat such as: saunas, hot tubs + hot yoga on the day of your procedure
  • Must finish all antibiotics 1 week PRIOR to receiving treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, take some anti-viral to prevent flare up


  • Apply sunscreen throughout the day to protect against sun exposure (SPF 30 or higher)
  • Cool compresses may help relieve the temporary discomfort of the burning sensation.
  • Do not pick or scrub any brown patches or scaly spots on your skin. These will fall off on their own over the next few weeks, leaving you with new + healthy skin!
  • Use only mild moisturizers to help keep your skin healing
  • Continue to avoid any skin care products that contain active ingredients such as: Retin-A, Retinol or glycolic acid 1 week AFTER your treatment
  • Normal reactions following your BBL treatment may include: redness or feeling like a sunburn sensation. These generally last 2 – 4 hours
Contact us at (866) 514-1369 or if your symptoms appear to worsen or last longer than 24 hours.