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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

At LaserBody MD, our approach to weight loss is scientific and nature-based, giving you safe and sustainable results. Our program has been fine-tuned over years of successful practice and centers holistically on diet, exercise and lifestyle management.

The Key to Sustainable Weight Loss

LaserBody M.D. is a medical spa specializing in safe and natural anti-aging and weight loss treatments. We understand that every person’s wellness can be different depending on their age, gender, metabolism, body type, motivation, health goals, and more. With this in mind, we don’t just prescribe you with the same treatment as the last patient. Our team of health and wellness experts seek to understand your body ‘s unique needs first before prescribing a personalized weight loss program.

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How Medically Supervised Weight Loss Works

Sometimes, eating right and exercising just isn’t enough to shed those pounds. Medically Supervised Weight Loss goes a step further. Using scientifically proven methods such as appetite control medication, muscle building medical injections and bio-identical hormone therapy in combination with lifestyle counselling, we help you lay off the pounds and keep them off for life.

When you come in, our experts will run a thorough assessment to understand your weight loss needs. Through this assessment, we will design a tailor-made medically supervised weight loss program specifically for you. This program will be coded for your body type, gene profile, hormone spectrum, among other bio-specifics in order to deliver the right results for your body type.




Appetite Control


Muscle Building


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


These treatments combined with the right diet + exercise for your body chemistry will help you lose weight + educate you on how to maintain a healthy body for life.

Check out LaserBody M.D.'s Medically Supervised Weight Loss results

Sometimes, maintaining a diet and keeping an active lifestyle is not enough to get you at your desired weight. At LaserBody MD, we can help you achieve your dream body by utilizing proven methods to losing weight the natural way.

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Our program is no temporary fix. We take a long term approach and seek to impart a healthy lifestyle rather than just a quick solution. We provide you with the guidance, support, and education you need to transform your life for the better. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you when you come in for your complimentary consultation.

  • 1Am I the right candidate for the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program?

    If you have been struggling to lose weight in the past but have failed to do so, then you are the perfect candidate for the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program. Our program takes a scientific approach to weight loss and is designed to remove those hard to lose pounds and keep them away for life.

  • 2What realistic results can I expect from the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program?

    Results from the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program vary from patient to patient and will depend on your body type and health goals. We will evaluate your health situation first before we recommend a plan that helps you achieve realistic and sustainable goals.


  • 3Is the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program safe?

    Using scientific parameters and nature-based approaches, we design a program that is specifically coded for your body type. The LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program is lead by an experienced medical professional who will get to know your medical history to ensure the program that is written just for you is safe for you, as well.


  • 4What are the side effects from using the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program?

    As with any lifestyle change, you may experience some mild discomfort at the beginning of the program. This is a normal part of the process that each patient has to go through for the program to be a success. The discomfort you feel will soon disappear once your body gets accustomed to the changes.

    Aside from the weight loss, many of the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program patients have reported feeling happier and energized after the program. They’ve also discovered many weight-related symptoms slowly disappear. Symptoms such as diabetes, joint pain, heart problems, high-cholesterol, and depression.

  • 5 How much does the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program cost?

    Because each LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program is tailor-made for each individual, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Once your assessment is completed and your goals defined, we will then be in a position to give you an exact figure of how much your program will cost.

  • 6Does the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program involve any invasive procedures?

    The LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program does not involve any invasive procedures. We take a natural-based approach and mainly focus on managing your diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

  • 7How long will my LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program appointments last?

    The duration of your  LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program sessions largely depends on your needs. We will discuss together the results you want to achieve and provide you with an estimate on how long the program will last. Generally, a program per-session time lasts for one to two hours with sessions lasting for three to six months.

  • 8What happens after I have completed my LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program?

    Depending on the results and your preferences, we may recommend that you extend the program as part of the maintenance process. This allows us to deeply ingrain the healthy habits you’ve gained from the program while adding more challenges to your workouts and allowing you more creativity in your meals.

  • 9Is the LaserBody M.D. Weight Loss program covered by my medical insurance?

    This program may or may not be covered by your medical insurance provider. We can help you figure out if our program is indeed covered by your insurance. In most cases, we can bill them directly.

    We also offer no interest rate financing for your convenience. We know how important your health is and want to give you all available options to get healthy and maintain a balanced well-being.


We offer low monthly payments and in-house financing so you can afford the treatment and services your health deserves.

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Patient testimonials

  • I had sagging skin on my neck that made me look older than I really was. I finally decided to undergo a treatment called Venus Legacy Skin Tightening from LaserBody M.D.. I saw results after just three treatments and it made a huge difference on my appearance. I’m very satisfied with the clinic’s service and am currently thinking what other areas I can have this treatment on.

    Kathryn T. Benedict, 36, Scarborough, ON
  • I recently acquired loose skin after dramatically losing weight in a span of one year. I was happy with my new body but I knew that the loose skin had to go. After my eighth treatment of Venus Legacy Skin Tightening by LaserBody M.D., the loose skin had already disappeared and I was advised to maintain my healthy lifestyle if I wanted to enjoy lasting results. LaserBody M.D. is my new favorite clinic now!

    Mary M. Tidwell, 28, Mississauga, ON
  • LaserBody M.D.’s Coolsculpting procedure made it possible for me to lose fat in my problem areas in the quickest and safest way possible. I never thought such procedure existed. You can only imagine my amazement after seeing the results in just a few days. If like me, you also struggle to get rid of fat in certain areas of your body, I definitely recommend this treatment.

    Lisa D. Blackshear, 35, Hamilton, ON
  • I have very stubborn fat around my waist that just won’t go away no matter what concentrated exercise I do. I received the Coolsculpting treatment and was asked to return to the clinic for a few more touch-ups so the targeted area looks tighter, cleaner, and younger looking. I am very impressed by the results.

    Luisa P. Williams, 28, Newmarket, ON
  • My saggy arms and thighs were two of my biggest insecurities but they no longer are after I underwent the Coolsculpting procedure from LaserBody M.D.. It’s amazing that technologies like this exist nowadays. I felt very comfortable and only experienced a mild stinging and intense cold while the doctor was performing the procedure.

    Stella D. Barry, 32, Scarborough, ON
  • LaserBody M.D.’s Venus Legacy Cellulite Reduction was very effective at removing stubborn fat that gave my legs such an unappealing look. When I had mine removed, my husband immediately noticed. That alone gave me the self-confidence boost I needed to begin wearing shorts and skirts again. I might go back to the clinic soon to have my other problem areas taken care of.

    Lillian S. Smart, 30, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Cellulite is a thing in my family especially the females. My mother has it, my aunts do, even my nieces, and they’re only so young! That wasn’t going to stop me from getting the aesthetic wants I deserved. I had my Venus Legacy Cellulite Reduction at LaserBody M.D. and in a span of 8 treatments, got the results that I wanted.

    Ines W. Carswell, 35, Mississauga, ON
  • Stubborn fat is real and I’ve had mine behind my leg just right below my lower buttock for as long as I can remember. When I finally got the Venus Legacy Cellulite Reduction from LaserBody, I was amazed by the results surfacing in just 8 treatments. The procedure is effective for reducing cellulite that no other workout can do for you.

    Rosaria R. Bradford, 26, Brampton, ON

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*Disclaimer: Any before and after images, testimonials and results claims on this site are only examples for informational purpose and never to be used as warranty of guarantee of outcome. Each individual will have varied results based on their needs, medical record and circumstances.