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Computerized Skin Analysis + Consultation

Visit our clinic for a Complimentary Computerized Skin Analysis + Consultation to gain an understanding of what's happening with your skin just under the surface.

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Why We’re Different

We’re not your typical medical clinic or medspa. Having a complete understanding about your goals helps us prescribe a personalized blueprint to help you be you, only better.

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    Natural + Wholistic Approach

    LaserBody M.D. knows the importance of overall well-being. We work hard to ensure we are using the latest techniques that help encourage your body and skin's natural renewal system.

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    Expert Medical Staff

    Many other centres claim to be medically based, but at LaserBody M.D., you actually meet with and are treated by doctors and nurses.

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    “Best In Class” Technology

    Our team of medical experts uses only the best technology and state-of-the-art techniques in our modern and clean facility.

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    Our Reputation

    Our medical professinals are committed to not only providing the best treatment but to educating you on your body and a long term strategy to maintain it.

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    Non-Surgical, Safe + Effective

    We believe in safe, non-surgical procedures such as body contouring, laser skin tightening, or filler and injectables to provide natural results with no downtime.

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    Art + Science of Body + Skin

    Expertise and experience allow us to know exactly how much is enough to achieve results that are invisible to the eye.